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A few Tubers Alocasia JacklynAlocasia jacklyn plant growing in black pot
Alocasia Jacklyn FrontAlocasia Jacklyn Back
Alocasia Jacklyn
Sale price$49
Seeds Alocasia Macrorrhiza VariegatedAlocasia Macrorrhiza Variegated
Alocasia Macrorrhiza Variegated BackAlocasia Macrorrhiza Variegated Front
Alocasia  Black Jack
Alocasia Black Jack
Sale price$59
Tubers Alocasia Green CarpetLeaf Shape Alocasia Green Carpet
Tubers Alocasia Nebula Imperalis BorneoLeaf Shape Alocasia Nebula Imperalis Borneo
Tubers Alocasia WatsonianaLeaf Shape Alocasia Watsoniana
Alocasia CupreaAlocasia Cuprea
Alocasia Cuprea
Sale price$59
Tubers Alocasia Dragon ScaleLeaf Shape Alocasia Dragon Scale
Tubers Alocasia SuhirmanianaLeaf Shape Alocasia Suhirmaniana
Alocasia Watsonia FrontAlocasia Watsonia Back
Alocasia Watsonia
Sale price$59
Alocasia New Guinea Gold Variegata
Alocasia FrydekAlocasia Frydek
Alocasia Frydek
Sale price$29
Alocasia Reginae FrontAlocasia Reginae Back
Alocasia Reginae
Sale price$49
Alocasia Dragon ScaleAlocasia Dragon Scale
Alocasia Dragon Scale
Sale price$49