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Syngonium Albo WhiteSyngonium Albo White
Save 30%Syngonium Aurea YellowSyngonium Aurea Yellow
Syngonium Aurea Yellow
Sale price$35 Regular price$50
Save 50%Syngonium Pink SplashSyngonium Pink Splash
Syngonium Pink Splash
Sale price$25 Regular price$50
Save 50%Syngonium Mojito MottledSyngonium Mojito Mottled
Syngonium Mojito Mottled
Sale price$25 Regular price$50
Syngonium Green Ice CreamSyngonium Green Ice Cream
Syngonium Caramel ButterSyngonium Caramel Butter
Syngonium Pink FleckedSyngonium Pink Flecked
Save 50%Syngonium PandaSyngonium Panda
Syngonium Panda
Sale price$30 Regular price$60
Save 59%Syngonium T25Syngonium T25
Syngonium T25
Sale price$33 Regular price$80
Save 58%Syngonium T24Syngonium T24
Syngonium T24
Sale price$25 Regular price$60
Save 50%Syngonium Wendlandii RayiiSyngonium Wendlandii Rayii
Syngonium Wendlandii Rayii
Sale price$15 Regular price$30
Syngonium GodzillaSyngonium Godzilla
Syngonium Godzilla
Sale price$25
Save 67%Syngonium Green FrecklesSyngonium Green Freckles
Syngonium Green Freckles
Sale price$20 Regular price$60
Save 60%Syngonium Pink Spot AllusionSyngonium Pink Spot Allusion
Syngonium Pink Spot Allusion
Sale price$20 Regular price$50
Syngonium Pink PerfectionSyngonium Pink Perfection
Save 44%Syngonium Ngern Lai MaSyngonium Ngern Lai Ma
Syngonium Ngern Lai Ma
Sale price$45 Regular price$80
Save 38%Syngonium Three KingsSyngonium Three Kings
Syngonium Three Kings
Sale price$25 Regular price$40
Syngonium Strawberry IceSyngonium Strawberry Ice
Syngonium RaspberrySyngonium Raspberry
Syngonium Raspberry
Sale price$16
Syngonium ChristmasSyngonium Christmas
Syngonium Christmas
Sale price$25
Syngonium Imperial WhiteSyngonium Imperial White
Syngonium AuritumSyngonium Auritum
Syngonium Auritum
Sale price$18
Syngonium Panda GalaxySyngonium Panda Galaxy
Syngonium ButterflySyngonium Butterfly
Syngonium Butterfly
Sale price$25
Syngonium Aurea Variegated Large
Syngonium Wendlandii SilverSyngonium Wendlandii Silver
Syngonium Neon RobustaSyngonium Neon Robusta
Syngonium Mango AllusionSyngonium Mango Allusion
Save 50%Syngonium Confetti Three ColorSyngonium Confetti Three Color
Syngonium Confetti Three Color
Sale price$199 Regular price$400
Syngonium ConfettiSyngonium Confetti
Syngonium Confetti
Sale price$149
Save 45%Syngonium Red Spot TricolorSyngonium Red Spot Tricolor
Syngonium Red Spot Tricolor
Sale price$499 Regular price$900
Syngonium Scrambled EggsSyngonium Scrambled Eggs
Syngonium Red ArrowSyngonium Red Arrow
Syngonium Red Arrow
Sale price$17
Syngonium Milk ConfettiSyngonium Milk Confetti
Save 56%Syngonium Macrophyllum ‘Frosted Heart’Syngonium Macrophyllum ‘Frosted Heart’
Syngonium Macrophyllum ‘Frosted Heart’
Sale price$35 Regular price$80
Syngonium BatikSyngonium Batik
Syngonium Batik
Sale price$17