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Article: Anthurium Dark Mama Care

Anthurium Dark Mama Care

Anthurium 'Dark Mama' is one of the hybrid anthuriums that is a combination of Anthurium warocqueanum and Anthurium papililaminum. The combination of the two makes this anthurium look elegant and exotic.

  • Characteristics, Shapes & Colors

The combination of Anthurium papililaminum leaves that have velvet on the taste and Anthurium Warocqueanum leaves that have silver venation makes Anthurium Dark Mama look beautiful.

  • How to care  
  1. Place Anthurium Dark Mama plant in a place that has a light intensity of 60% - 70% with a temperature between 18-25 °C.
  2. The most suitable growing medium for Anthurium Dark Mama a mixture of perlite, peat & hydrotone.
  3. For the intensity of watering Anthurium Dark Mama need 3 times in a week so that the growing medium is ns not too dry. Because Anthurium Dark Mama likes the high intensity of water.
  4. The fertilization period for Anthurium Dark Mama can be done once a week with liquid organic fertilizer dissolved in water and then sprayed on the leaves.
  • How to propagate 

Anthurium Dark Mama can be propagated by cuttings and seeds. Here's how to seeding the Anthurium Dark Mama Silver cutting plants..

  1. The first step is remove the Anthurium plant from the growing medium.
  2. Then do the cleaning on the roots of the Anthurium plant that is still attached.
  3. Cut on the tubers of the Anthurium plant into 2 parts. Make sure that both of these pieces have roots that are still attached.
  4. f you have completed, apply root stimulant on the part that has been cut. The purpose of applying root stimulant is to stimulate maximum growth of the roots.
  5. Then do plant again by put the plant into a pot that has been filled with planting media which has been explained earlier and do enough watering. Make sure the the planting media is sterile and shafted.

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