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Article: Radicans Care

Radicans Care

 'Radicans' is also known as Anthurium Sirih because of its shape resembling betel leaves. But the shape of the leaves is larger and more firm than ordinary betel leaves. It belongs to the Araceae plant family, and its genus is Anthurium.

  • Characteristics, Shapes & Colors

Anthurium Radican size of leaf by this plant has ranges from 25-30 cm with a width of 10-15 cm. The color of the leaves of this plant is deep green, so as to give a lush and natural look. One of the interesting points of this plant is the presence of a unique texture on the surface of the leaves. There is a unique stroke on the leaves and makes it have a texture. This plant has a stem with a red color. The buds of the leaves also look reddish in color, but these leaf buds will turn slowly green. In terms of care, this plant is very easy to care for and can thrives.

  • How to care  
  1. Place Anthurium Radicans plant in a place that has a light intensity of 60% - 70% with a temperature between 18-25 °C.
  2. The most suitable growing medium for Anthurium Radicans a mixture of perlite, peat & hydrotone.
  3. For the intensity of watering Anthurium Radicans need 3 times in a week so that the growing medium is ns not too dry. Because Anthurium Radicans likes the high intensity of water.
  4. The fertilization period for Anthurium Radicans can be done once a week with liquid organic fertilizer dissolved in water and then sprayed on the leaves.

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