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Philodendron Giganteum (Blizzard) Variegated

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We ship worldwide with DHL Express trackable service. It usually takes 3-10 days for deliveries within the Americas and 5-14 days for deliveries outside America. Sometimes due to certain conditions, we need to delay delivery for several days, in which case we will contact you and let you know.


Due to service overstatement and quarantine rules, the delivery service may experience disruption in the next few weeks. We pack all the plants with care but if the parcels get stuck in transit for days, the plants will definitely not be happy and the inspectors won't return them. Please only buy now if you are willing to accept this risk as we will not be able to recover any losses resulting from delayed delivery services.


Something happens. We will accept returns without question if you notify us within 14 days of receiving the plant. If so, please send the factory back to us safely in the same packaging and we will issue a refund within 1-2 business days of receiving it.

Once we have delivered the package at the DHL office, the rest is out of our control and we cannot be held responsible for any disruption, delay and loss of goods on DHL's services, but we will do our best to claim compensation from the DHL office according to their responsibilities. terms of service.

If the package is lost in transit, we will claim a refund from the DHL office and, if successful, will issue you a refund (usually up to $ 50 per package).

If the plant arrives damaged or in distressing condition, we will investigate each case one by one to understand what happened. If we fail to pack properly, we will replace or return the item.

If delivery takes too long, we will try to claim compensation from DHL, but we cannot guarantee that it will work. This is something that is beyond our control.

One more thing. Some European islands restrict the import of live plants and / or require additional documentation which we are unable to provide. Also for buyers from the United States purchasing over 12 plants must have an import permit. Please ensure that you are aware of your local regulations before ordering as we are not responsible for packages held in such cases.


Each plant photo is a sample of the plants for sale. It could be bigger, it could be smaller depending on the existing stock.
Our stock can suddenly go empty. In this case we will contact you and let you know. Like all living organisms, plants never stay the same, they can grow or drop leaves within a few days of posting the photo. If there is a significant change in the health or appearance of the plant, we will notify you prior to shipment.


We care more about the environment than we care about branding so all of our packaging is reused / recycled from other packages or 100% biodegradable. Most of our plants sit in biodegradable PLA cups (not as fast as we expected but 100x faster than plastic) and you can expect to receive your plants in a shoebox or some weird food stuff (anything that does the job without contributing to landfill trash). The rest of the package only contains newspapers, Spaghnum Moss, Solasi, Sterofoam etc.

Plant Health is a registered plant exporter. All plants that we send outside the region from Indonesia are accompanied by a phytosanitary document which states that the plant is quarantined, disinfected, and inspected for pests & diseases. When the plants arrive at Indonesian customs, they are physically inspected by Indonesian inspectors again before being released outside the territory of the Indonesian state. Once the plants reach your home, each plant is entitled to good treatment from their respective owners.

Pest control

As a precautionary and control measure we use the predatory mite Amblyseius Andersoni and regularly wash the leaves under running water, without pesticides. Prior to shipment, we carefully inspect and wash all plants and we recommend doing the same after receiving plants from any seller as part of new plant hygiene standards. Let us know if you have any questions about bugs because they are an unavoidable part of nature.

If you are an international buyer then there will be a minimum of 2 weeks until shipping due to phytosanitary requirements.

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Philodendron Giganteum (Blizzard) Variegated
Philodendron Giganteum (Blizzard) Variegated
Sale price$60