Aglaonema Rotundum Care

Aglaonema 'Rotundum' is a species of the Aglaonema genus. Aglaonema Rotundum is a Native tropical plant from Indonesia.

  • Characteristics, Shapes & Colors

Aglaonema Rotundum has bright green leaves with pink leaves bones. The leaves are oval sahped with a medium size.

  • How to care :
  1. Place Aglaonema Rotundum plant in a place that has a light intensity of 60% -80% with a temperature between 20-27 °C.
  2. The most suitable growing medium for Aglaonema Rotundum is a mixture of perlite, cocopeat, peat.
  3. For the intensity of watering Aglaonema Rotundum need 2 times in a week so that the planting media is not too wet. If it is too wet, the roots of Aglaonema Pictum Bicolor will rot.
  4. For the fertilization period Aglaonema Rotundum can be done once a week with organic fertilizers.
  • How to propagate :

Aglaonema Rotundum can be propagated with stem cuttings.

  1. The first step is choose an old and healthy Aglaonema Rotundum stem then cut the stem under the bottom of the leaf.
  2. Plant pieces of leaves on the planting media and do watering then place them in a shady place.
  3. Plant the stem pieces horizontally with the buds facing up or sideways direction.
  4. Do watering as necessary new shoots and roots will appear after about 6 weeks.

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