Alocasia Zebrina Reticulata Care

Alocasia 'Zebrina Reticulata' is a member of the Araceae family, native to tropical climates Originally from Southeast Asia. The species Alocasia zebrina reticulata is found on the island of Luzon in primary rain forests at elevations of 100 to 400 meters (330 to 1,300 feet). 

  • Characteristics, Shapes & Colors

Alocasia zebrina reticulata has the characteristics of arrow-shaped leaves or fire shields and have a distinctive white vein that flows on the leaves. What is interesting about Alocasia zebrina is the pattern on the trunk that is black and white like a zebra's body.

  • How to care  
  1. Place alocasia zebrina reticulata plant in a place that has a light intensity of 60% - 70% with a temperature between 18-25 °C.
  2. The most suitable growing medium for alocasia zebrina reticulata is a mixture of perlite, cocopeat, peat.
  3. For the intensity of watering alocasia zebrina reticulata need 3 in times a week so that the growing medium is not too dry. If it is too dry, Alocasia Zebrina will wither and inhibit its growth..
  4. For the fertilization period Alocasia Zebrina can be done once every 2 weeks with organic fertilizers.
  • How to propagate 

Alocasia Zebrina can be propagated with tubers.

  1. The first step is choose the old and healthy Alocasia Zebrina then unload the growing medium and look for bulbs at the end of the roots.
  2. Plant bulbs in growing medium and do enough watering.
  3. Put it in a shady place.
  4. The new shoots will appear after approximately in 3 weeks.

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