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Homalomena Wallisii FrontHomalomena Wallisii Back
Homalomena Wallisii
Sale price$30
Hoya AFF Lambii plant growing in hanging potleaf shape Hoya AFF Lambii plants
Hoya AFF Lambii
Sale price$49
Leaf Shape Hoya Aff Vitellina PlantA Person's hand holding Hoya Aff Vitellina Plant
Hoya Aff Vitellina
Sale price$49
Hoya Australis Lisa FrontHoya Australis Lisa Back
Hoya Australis Lisa
Sale price$49
a person hand holding Hoya Buntokensis Sp Borneo plants in plastik pots contains moss planting mediaa person hand holding Hoya Buntokensis Sp Borneo plants in plastik pots contains moss planting media
Hoya Callistophylla FrontHoya Callistophylla Back
Hoya Callistophylla
Sale price$49
Leaf Shape Hoya Caudata SP Sulawesi PlantA Person's hand holding Hoya Caudata SP Sulawesi Plant
Hoya Caudata Sumatra BackHoya Caudata Sumatra Front
Hoya Caudata Sumatra
Sale price$49
Hoya Cinnamomifolia FrontHoya Cinnamomifolia Back
Hoya Cinnamomifolia
Sale price$49
Hoya Clemensiorum FrontHoya Clemensiorum Back
Hoya Clemensiorum
Sale price$49
Hoya Clemensiorum Red FrontHoya Clemensiorum Red Back
Hoya Clemensiorum Red
Sale price$49
 Hoya Collina sp biak plant  growing in the black potsHoya Collina sp biak flower
Hoya Collina Sp Biak
Sale price$42
Hoya Compacta Hindu Rope FrontHoya Compacta Hindu Rope Back
Hoya Curtisii FrontHoya Curtisii Back
Hoya Curtisii
Sale price$49
Hoya Cv Sunrise FrontHoya Cv Sunrise Back
Hoya Cv Sunrise
Sale price$49
Hoya Deykeae FrontHoya Deykeae Back
Hoya Deykeae
Sale price$49
Hoya Diversifolia Splash FrontHoya Diversifolia Splash Back
Hoya Elliptica FrontHoya Elliptica Back
Hoya Elliptica
Sale price$49
A person holding Hoya Eriostemma Sp Papua plant growing in the plastik potA person Showing Hoya Eriostemma Sp Papua plant growing in the plastik pot
Hoya Forbesii FrontHoya Forbesii Back
Hoya Forbesii
Sale price$49
Hoya Glabra Red FrontHoya Glabra Red Back
Hoya Glabra Red
Sale price$35
Hoya Gunung Gading FrontHoya Gunung Gading Back
Hoya Gunung Gading
Sale price$49
Hoya Kuhlii FrontHoya Kuhlii Back
Hoya Kuhlii
Sale price$49
Hoya Lacunosa Eskimo FrontHoya Lacunosa Eskimo Back
Hoya Lacunosa Eskimo
Sale price$49
Hoya Lacunosa Leopard Skin FrontHoya Lacunosa Leopard Skin Back
Hoya Lacunosa Silver FrontHoya Lacunosa Silver Back
Hoya Lacunosa Silver
Sale price$45
Hoya Lacunosa Silver Lime FrontHoya Lacunosa Silver Lime Back
Hoya Lacunosa Silver Mint FrontHoya Lacunosa Silver Mint Back
Hoya Lacunosa Super Splash FrontHoya Lacunosa Super Splash Back
Hoya Latifolia FrontHoya Latifolia Back
Hoya Latifolia
Sale price$49
Hoya Louisa's Silver FrontHoya Louisa's Silver Back
Hoya Louisa's Silver
Sale price$49
Hoya Macrophylla Albomarginata FrontHoya Macrophylla Albomarginata Back
Hoya Macrophylla Red FrontHoya Macrophylla Red Back
Hoya Macrophylla Red
Sale price$45
Hoya Macrophylla VariegatedHoya Macrophylla Variegated
Hoya Marelli Sp Sulawesi FrontHoya Marelli Sp Sulawesi Back
A person hand holding Hoya Meredithii Sp Aceh plantA person hand Showing leaf shape Hoya Meredithii Sp Aceh plant
Hoya Mitrata FrontHoya Mitrata Back
Hoya Mitrata
Sale price$49
Hoya Nicholsoniae FrontHoya Nicholsoniae Back
Hoya Nicholsoniae
Sale price$49
Hoya Parasitica Super Splash FrontHoya Parasitica Super Splash Back
Hoya Ranauensis Sp Borneo FrontHoya Ranauensis Sp Borneo Back
Hoya Ranauensis
Sale price$49
Hoya Rundumensis Splash FrontHoya Rundumensis Splash Back
Hoya Sarawak FrontHoya Sarawak Back
Hoya Sarawak
Sale price$49
Hoya Scortekcinii Sp Borneo Plant growing in brown deep pot a cute little hoya native to the island of Borneo.Leaf shape Hoya Scortekcinii Sp Borneo Plant
Hoya Scortechinii
Sale price$49
Hoya Sigillatis FrontHoya Sigillatis Back
Hoya Sigillatis
Sale price$49
Hoya Sp Aceh FrontHoya Sp Aceh Back
Hoya Sp Aceh
Sale price$49
Hoya SP Cianjur FrontHoya SP Cianjur Back
Hoya SP Cianjur
Sale price$49
Hoya Sp Lampung BackHoya Sp Lampung Front
Hoya Sp Lampung
Sale price$45
Hoya Sp Maluku BackHoya Sp Maluku Front
Hoya Sp Maluku
Sale price$49