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Hoya Sp Tanggamus BackHoya Sp Tanggamus Front
Hoya Sp Tanggamus
Sale price$49
Hoya Stenakei Dark Form Sp Papua FrontHoya Stenakei Dark Form Sp Papua Back
Hoya Sulawesiana FrontHoya Sulawesiana Back
Hoya Sulawesiana
Sale price$49
Hoya Tomataensis FrontHoya Tomataensis Back
Hoya Tomataensis
Sale price$49
Hoya Undulata Sp Borneo FrontHoya Undulata Sp Borneo Back
Hoya Versteegii Sp FrontHoya Versteegii Sp Back
Hoya Versteegii Sp
Sale price$49
Hoya Verticillata SP Anjuk Ladang FrontHoya Verticillata SP Anjuk Ladang Back
Hoya Vitellina FrontHoya Vitellina Back
Hoya Vitellina
Sale price$49
Hoya Waymaniae FrontHoya Waymaniae Back
Hoya Waymaniae
Sale price$49
Hoya Waymaniae Splash FrontHoya Waymaniae Splash Back
Hoya Waymaniae Splash
Sale price$49
Labisia Pink FrontLabisia Pink Back
Labisia Pink
Sale price$40
Labisia Pumila FrontLabisia Pumila Front
Labisia Pumila
Sale price$40
Labisia Turtle Back FrontLabisia Turtle Black Back
Labisia Turtle Black
Sale price$40
Monstera AcuminataMonstera Acuminata
Monstera Acuminata
Sale price$25
Monstera Adansonii MintMonstera Adansonii Mint
Monstera Adansonii Platinum Variegated
Monstera Adansonii VariegatedMonstera Adansonii Variegated
Save 58%Monstera Albo Variegated Cuttings
Monstera Albo Variegated Cuttings
Sale price$25 Regular price$60
Monstera BorsigianaMonstera Borsigiana
Monstera Borsigiana
Sale price$20
Monstera Dubia
Monstera Dubia
Sale price$40
Monstera Halfmoon Variegated
Monstera Karstenianum
Monstera Karstenianum
Sale price$10
Monstera Karstenianum VariegatedMonstera Karstenianum Variegated
Monstera King Deliciosa
Save 50%Monstera MarmorataMonstera Marmorata
Monstera Marmorata
Sale price$150 Regular price$300
Save 87%Monstera Marmorata CuttingsMonstera Marmorata Cuttings
Monstera Marmorata Cuttings
Sale price$40 Regular price$300
Save 73%Monstera Marmorata TricolorMonstera Marmorata Tricolor
Monstera Marmorata Tricolor
Sale price$80 Regular price$300
Monstera Mint VariegatedMonstera Mint Variegated
Monstera Obliqua
Monstera Obliqua
Sale price$50
Monstera Siltepecana
Monstera Siltepecana
Sale price$20
Monstera Standleyana Albo VariegatedMonstera Standleyana Albo Front
Save 75%Monstera Standleyana Aurea Variegated
Monstera Standleyana Aurea Variegated
Sale price$20 Regular price$80
Palm Licuala GrandisPalm Licuala Grandis
Palm Licuala Grandis
Sale price$30
Palm Pinanga Veitchii / Palm Red BorneoPalm Pinanga Veitchii / Palm Red Borneo
Palm Pinanga Veitchii
Sale price$59
Philodendron Atabapoense
Philodendron BillietiaePhilodendron Billietiae
Philodendron Billietiae VariegatedPhilodendron Billietiae Variegated
Philodendron BirkinPhilodendron Birkin
Philodendron Birkin
Sale price$30
Philodendron Black Cardinal VariegatedPhilodendron Black Cardinal Variegated
Philodendron BrandtianumPhilodendron Brandtianum
Philodendron Burle Marx FantasyPhilodendron Burle Marx Fantasy
Philodendron Burle Marx VariegatedPhilodendron Burle Marx Variegated
Philodendron CaramelPhilodendron Caramel
Philodendron Caramel
Sale price$89
Philodendron Caramel Marble VariegatedPhilodendron Caramel Marble Variegated
Philodendron Code 69686Philodendron Code 69686
Philodendron Domesticum VariegatedPhilodendron Domesticum Variegated
Philodendron ElegansPhilodendron Elegans
Philodendron Elegans
Sale price$69