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Save 76%Philodendron Florida Beauty VariegatedPhilodendron Florida Beauty Variegated
Philodendron Florida Beauty Variegated
Sale price$60 Regular price$250
Philodendron Florida Ghost (Mint)Philodendron Florida Ghost
Philodendron Giganteum (Blizzard) VariegatedPhilodendron Giganteum Variegated
Philodendron Gigas ( Dark )Philodendron Gigas ( Dark )
Save 60%Philodendron Gloriosum
Philodendron Gloriosum
Sale price$20 Regular price$50
Philodendron Glorioum ( Large )Philodendron Glorioum ( Large )
Philodendron GloriousPhilodendron Glorious
Philodendron Glorious
Sale price$25
Philodendron Glorious ( Big Leaf )Philodendron Glorious ( Big Leaf )
Philodendron Dragon MotledPhilodendron Golden Dragon Variegata Lime Fiddle
Philodendron Golden SerratumPhilodendron Golden Serratum
Philodendron GoldiiPhilodendron Goldii
Philodendron Goldii
Sale price$120
Philodendron GreenshawPhilodendron Greenshaw
Philodendron Hastatum ( Silver Wolrd )Philodendron Hastatum ( Silver Wolrd )
Philodendron IlsemaniiPhilodendron Ilsemanii
Philodendron Ilsemanii
Sale price$150
Philodendron JoepiiPhilodendron Joepii
Philodendron Joepii
Sale price$200
Philodendron Jose BuonoPhilodendron Jose Buono
Philodendron LacerumPhilodendron Lacerum
Philodendron Lacerum
Sale price$60
Philodendron LongilobatumPhilodendron Longilobatum
Philodendron LupinumPhilodendron Lupinum
Philodendron Lupinum
Sale price$30
Philodendron LynettePhilodendron Lynette
Philodendron Lynette
Sale price$20
Philodendron MajesticPhilodendron Majestic
Philodendron Majestic
Sale price$30
Philodendron Mamei ( Silver Cloud )Philodendron Mamei ( Silver Cloud )
Philodendron Mamei
Sale price$30
Philodendron MartianumPhilodendron Martianum
Philodendron MayoiPhilodendron Mayoi
Philodendron Mayoi
Sale price$20
Philodendron Mc DowelPhilodendron Mc Dowel
Save 60%Philodendron MelanochrysumPhilodendron Melanochrysum
Philodendron Melanochrysum
Sale price$20 Regular price$50
Philodendron Melanochrysum ( Big Leaf )Philodendron Melanochrysum ( Big Leaf )
Save 58%Philodendron MexicanumPhilodendron Mexicanum
Philodendron Mexicanum
Sale price$25 Regular price$60
Save 58%Philodendron Painted LadyPhilodendron Painted Lady
Philodendron Painted Lady
Sale price$25 Regular price$60
Philodendron Paraiso Verde (Blizzard)Philodendron Paraiso Verde (Blizzard)
Philodendron PastazanumPhilodendron Pastazanum
Philodendron Pink CongoPhilodendron Pink Congo
Save 20%Philodendron Pink Dark LordPhilodendron Pink Dark Lord
Philodendron Pink Dark Lord
Sale price$40 Regular price$50
Save 33%Philodendron Pink MicanPhilodendron Pink Mican
Philodendron Pink Mican
Sale price$40 Regular price$60
Philodendron Pink Princess Black CherryPhilodendron Pink Princess Black Cherry
Philodendron Plowmanii Black FacePhilodendron Plowmanii Black Face
Philodendron PlowmaniiPhilodendron Plowmanii
Philodendron Red AndersonPhilodendron Red Anderson
Philodendron Ring Of Fire PinkPhilodendron Ring Of Fire Pink
Save 42%Philodendron Ring of Fire VariegatedPhilodendron Ring Of Fire Variegated
Philodendron Ring Of Fire Variegated
Sale price$35 Regular price$60
Philodendron Royal Queen DarkPhilodendron Royal Queen Dark
Philodendron scandens brazilPhilodendron scandens brazil
Philodendron SelloumPhilodendron Selloum
Philodendron Selloum
Sale price$20
Philodendron Selloum VariegatedPhilodendron Selloum Variegated
Philodendron Skeyleton KeyPhilodendron Skeyleton Key
Philodendron SodiroiPhilodendron Sodiroi
Philodendron Sodiroi
Sale price$25
Philodendron SplendidPhilodendron Splendid
Philodendron Splendid
Sale price$35